Entry / Visa

Residents of the European Union, the USA and most western countries only require a valid passport for holidays in Greenland. Residents of Russia and most African countries require a Visa. Please make sure whether you require a visa before your departure. We will of course assist you with any questions related to your stay..


AirGreenland is the only carrier flying from Europe to Greenland. At the moment there are test flights from Ottawa to Greenland. Before those can be regularly booked, also our clients from the US need to travel through Copenhagen in Denmark.

Website AirGreenland: www.airgreenland.com

Climate / Travel seasons

Greenland is a very dry country but temperature changes between the seasons are very high. During the summer months it is not uncommon to have temperatures above 20 centigrade and in the winter temperatures can drop as low as -45 degrees centigrade. During the winter hunt in March/April you should expect temperatures of around -20 degrees centigrade. During April it can already be much warmer but early March can still surprise you with lower temperatures.

During the summer hunt in July the temperatures are very bearable with average temperatures being between 15-20 degrees centigrade. Although this sounds very warm please always bring a jacket in the summer as winds from the inland ice, especially in the early mornings can be quite cool.

The fall hunt is already much colder with frost at night and temperatures around 10 degrees centigrade during the days.


During the summer months multiple species of mosquitoes occur in big numbers. We highly recommend mosquito nets and repellants to make your hunting or fishing trip in summer as enjoyable as it should be.

Currency / Payment

The official currency in Greenland is Danish Krones. All supermarkets, restaurants etc. accept credit cards.

 € 1,- = DKK 7,46,- (March 2014)


Greenland uses European electricity plugs. It is no problem to charge your phones, laptops etc. Make sure that you bring an adapter if you do not use European electricity plugs. Please be aware that there is no electricity in the hunting camps and you can only recharge your electronic devices once you are back in Kangerlussuaq.

Weapons / Importing weapons

For hunting musk ox we recommend rifles with a caliber of 30-06 or stronger with hard deformation bullets. Please be advised that musk ox are extremely tough and only the best bullets should be used.

For hunting caribou we recommend flat shooting calibers as the shooting distance is often over 200 yards.

If you decide to bring your own weapon, the import is very easy. An official will check your weapon upon arrival and departure. Please do not forget the suitable licenses / papers to avoid any inconvenience.

During the flight, rifle and bolt need to be carried separately in order to comply with airline security guidelines. We therefore recommend to pack your rifle in a gun-case and put the bolt in your travel-luggage. Please also pack the ammunition, in its original box, into your travel-luggage, separate of your rifle. Do not carry any parts in your hand luggage. If you are traveling with your own gun please provide us with the weapon details in due time so we can register them with your airline.

If you do not want to bring your own gun we can gladly provide you with rental weapons in camp. We are happy for you to use our Mauser M03, caliber 7×64 or one of our two Steyr-Mannlicher Classic, caliber 9,3×62 and .300 Win. Mag.


We will provide all necessary hunting licenses for you. The license is not only necessary to export your trophies from Greenland but also to import them into your home country.

Trophies / Hides

We take outmost care to professionally look after your trophies. All our guides have been trained by professional taxidermist in order to ensure that your trophy will arrive in prime condition. The low humidity in Greenland helps to dry the hides very fast and ensures best quality. All trophies are shipped by boat from Sisimiut. This is only possible if the weather conditions are right. We kindly ask for your patience if the transport should take longer than expected. Of course we take outmost care of the trophies so nothing happens to them in the meantime.


Our recommendations can be found in our packing lists. Especially in summer and fall we advise you to bring waterproof clothing, as the ground can be very wet. A pair of gators can also be very helpful. Often forgotten, but very important due to the bright sun are sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat. In the summer and fall leather boots are the best choice whereas the winter hunt requires very warm boots. Especially Sorel boots have proven to be very warm.

You can find the packing lists under #link# Equipment #link#


Foreign health insurance and cancellation insurance are highly recommended. Please also check whether your hunting / accident insurance covers hunting trips in Greenland.