Terms and conditions – Polar-Hunting

 1. Contractual item:

Our terms and conditions apply in accordance with the hunting contract, which is valid between yourself and Polar-Hunting. Any agreement between yourself and Polar-Hunt will be stated in the hunting contract.

 2. Formation of contract:

 The hunting contract between yourself and Polar-Hunting becomes effective as soon as both parties sign the contract. After the contract is formed you will receive a written affirmation thereof.

 3. Our Services

3.1 Services as an outfitter

 When acting as an outfitter we are responsible for the organization and execution of your hunting trip. All our obligations are stated either in the hunting contract or our terms and conditions. We advise you that our obligations include the best possible organization and preparation of your hunting trip but not your hunting success. We reserve the right to change our obligations in a just and reasonable manner in case of weather, hunting area, target species or other reasons related to hunting making this necessary.

 3.2 Services as an agent

 If you make use of an agent to book your hunting trip with Polar-Hunt he is entitled to advise you in the best possible manner and to conclude the hunting contract with you.

 3.3 Additional services

 Any additional service, e.g. booking of flights, organization of safaris etc. will be stated in the hunting contract and is binding for both parties.

 4. Prices

 All our prices are listed in the current offers, which you can see on our website www.hunting-greenland.com. The invoice will be written according to these offers. Both parties to the hunting contract will agree to prices for any services not listed in the current price list.

 5. Terms of payment

 50% of the hunting costs are due 14 days after receiving the invoice. The remaining 50% are due 30 days before the start of the hunting trip. Additional trophy fees will be paid after the hunt. Wounded game is regarded as shot and has to be paid in full. EURO, US$, and Danish Krones are accepted.

 6. Liability as an outfitter

 As an outfitter we are legally obligated to thoroughly plan and prevent accidents before and during your hunting trip. Damages caused through negligence or acts without due care of Polar-Hunting fall under the liability of Polar-Hunting. Damages caused through negligence or acts without due care of our clients do not fall under the liability of Polar-Hunt. Any hunting trip is booked to the own risk of the traveler. The traveler takes the responsibility for all risks and dangers related to a hunting trip. If there is an objection about the execution of the hunt from the traveler he is obliged to communicate this objection to the CEO of Polar-Hunting so it can be remedied. If your objections are not remedied and cause an unacceptable curtailing of your hunting trip you are entitled to resign from the hunting contract. Services rendered have to be paid in full.

 6.1 Liability as an agent

 If an agent is used for your booking he is only liable for gross negligence or the breach of due diligence of a prudent business man.

 7. Force Majeure

 If the hunting trip is unacceptably curtailed by force majeure and this was not foreseeable at the formation of the contract both the traveler and Polar-Hunting have the right to resign from the contract. In the case of a resignation from the contract, Polar-Hunting can invoice the prices for services rendered.

 8. Withdrawal from the hunting contract by Polar-Hunting

Polar-Hunting can withdraw from the hunting contract in the following, not foreseeable, situations: War, strike, civil commotions, riots, epidemics, sovereign alignment, withdrawal of land rights, embargos, natural catastrophes, considerable weather implications, average, destruction of accommodation facilities.

 9. Withdrawal from the hunting contract by the guest

 If the guest withdraws from the hunting contract up to 91 days before the start of the trip, € 1000,- are charged per person. Any cancellation 90 days or less before the start of the trip the complete deposit will be charged unless equivalent substitute is offered by the guest.

Please understand that in case Polar-Hunting is assigned to book flights or other external services, costs cannot be refunded.

 10. Insurance

 There is no travel cancellation insurance included in the price. We advise you to conclude a travel cancellation insurance so that you are protected from the cancellation fee in case of cancellation. Additionally we advise you to conclude a foreign travel health insurance and an accident insurance. As our guest you are obliged to make sure that your hunting liability insurance covers Greenland.

 11. Choice of law

 Greenlandic law is applied.

 12. Choice of court

 The chosen court is in Sisimiut, Greenland.

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