Karsten Lings

Karsten was one of the first two hunting guides approved by he ministry of fishing, hunting and agriculture of Greenland. He was brought up hunting and fishing in Greenland and has over 40 years of experience in his field of expertise.

After going to captain’s school in Denmark, Karsten was captain of a shrimp trawler. His love for nature and hunting however soon brought him back to becoming a professional hunter. During the regular hunting season he mainly hunts caribou and musk ox and sells the meat to local supermarkets and stores. During the trophy-hunting season he guides hunters from all over the world and always does his outmost to make the clients hunt on Greenland successful and an unforgettable experience.

Jan Petersen

Jan was born and raised in Greenland and has Inuit-roots. With his big experience he is part of the Polar-Hunt team since many years. After spending some time in Denmark his passion for hunting and the outdoors brought him back to Greenland. He is not only an exceptional hunter but his cooking skills will surely bring the taste of Greenland to any of our clients.

Henning Fleischer

Henning, also called Nuka, is the youngest of the three guides in our team. He is Inuit and was taught to hunt and fish by his father and has not done anything else ever since. His sharp eye-vision has found many of the big caribous in the past and made a successful stalk possible.

Marius Olsen

Marius lives for his dogs and dog sledding. Loving his country and its traditions he has crossed the inland ice from the east to the west coast of Greenland twice together with his dogs. He trains his dogs day after day to put together a team of dogs that are know for their reliability. It is his pleasure to take you along on a three-day trip from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut during the winter season.

Hanne Lings

Hanne is the wife of Karsten and the “good soul” of the team. She is responsible for the organization in Greenland and the even course of your hunt in Greenland. From bookings to trophy export, Hanne makes sure everything is running smooth and professional.

Frederic Hanner

Frederic is part of the team since 2012. After university and a bachelor degree in European law and a master in Sustainable Aquaculture Business Management he decided to turn his passion into making a living. After several hunts in Greenland he is responsible for the website and bookings. If you have any questions or wishes please feel free to contact him at any time..