Small game hunting for arctix fox, ptarmigan and arctic hare.

Additionally to our fantastic opportunities to hunt large game, Greenland also offers a wide range of small game hunting. One of the worlds most sought after small game species, the arctic fox, can be found in big numbers. In all of our hunting areas we bait foxes to ensure the best possible chance for our guests to take an arctic fox. Not only the white foxes but also the black ones offer unique trophies.

Throughout all of Greenland large numbers of ptarmigan can be found. Hunting them is very weather dependent as they move to the lower regions next to the fjord when it gets cold. We then hunt them from the frozen fjord which is an absolutely unique hunt in Greenland’s breathtaking landscape.

Furthermore the arctic hare can be taken in all of our hunting areas and can be found in good numbers. We usually hunt them along with the ptarmigan when going over the frozen fjord in the winter or spot and stalk them in our other areas.

With all of our small game hunting the most difficult part is spotting the white animals against the snow. The experience and sharp vision of our guides will ensure that you will have unforgettable experiences while hunting small game in Greenland