Hunting is the biggest passion of all our team members. Our guides have grown up with hunting in Greenland since their earliest childhood and look forward to share their traditions and hunting experience with you. It is very important for us to be in close personal contact with our guests to not only ensure a successful hunt but also to introduce you to our wonderful country with all its variations.

At the moment we are hunting in three different areas with a total size of 4 million hectare around your destination Kangerlussuaq. We manage all our hunting areas in a sustainable manner to ensure a healthy population with high numbers of mature trophy animals. The landscape in our areas varies from steep mountain ridges to the lower and vast feeding grounds.

You can combine your hunting trip with many different activities when staying with polar hunting. During the winter you can combine your hunt with ice fishing or dog sledding trips around the camp or to the city of Sisimiut. If you hunt with us during the summer season, the sea run arctic char offer world-renowned fishing.

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