Hunting areas

At the moment we are hunting in three different areas around your arrival city of Kangerlussuaq. The transfer into the hunting area takes 3-4 hours. We especially do not hunt in the areas closer to Kangerlussuaq in order to ensure that we are hunting grounds with a high density of mature animals. This is why we have been able to harvest SCI gold medal musk ox trophies in the past.

Our area close to the fjord, in the west of Kangerlussuaq, we mainly hunt in the winter season when it is possible to drive over the frozen fjord. The area in the east is only reachable per boat and therefore mainly used during the summer season when the river carries sufficient water. In our north camp we hunt for caribou and our popular combination hunts on caribou and musk ox are conducted here. We leave this area completely untouched for the rest of the year to ensure that we do not disturb one of Greenland’s best caribou hunting grounds.

During the different seasons we offer different hunts. Whereas the summer and winter seasons is solely used to hunt musk ox and small game, you should plan your hunt during the fall season if you plan to take caribou or a combination of both species.