Polar-Hunting – Hunting Musk ox and Caribou in Greenland

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Polar-Hunting offers first class trophy hunting in Greenland. We conduct all of our hunts ourselves to ensure the highest quality at every stage. Our different camps are in prime condition and always ready for your hunt of a lifetime. Whether you prefer a hunt for a big musk ox or a trophy caribou, our success rate of 100% up to date will ensure an enjoyable hunting adventure in Greenland.

Our hunting areas cover more than 4 million hectares of prime ground. Whereas musk ox can be found in the lower areas you really have to earn your caribou in the magnificent mountains of western Greenland. Our areas have proven to produce SCI gold medal musk ox trophies in the past and we are proud to harvest some of the biggest trophies for musk ox and caribou around Kangerlussuaq each year.
Karsten Lings, the owner of Polar-Hunting was one of the first two hunting guides approved by the Greenlandic Ministry for hunting, fishing and agriculture. His experience of more than 40 years make Polar-Hunting one of the most professional hunting outfitters in Greenland.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our website. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Your Polar-Hunting Team